Kimberly Keese, Producer/Director
Kimberly has been a member of the LGBTQ community since the early ’80s. She is inspired by and has personally explored gender identity and expression long before it became part of the broader conversation in the queer community. She has been involved in TV and video production in various roles as producer, director, writer, audio technician and camera operator. Some of her first creative projects involved the emerging Drag King community in Washington D.C., where she was both performing and documenting the movement. She is fascinated by the stories of both the young people who are changing the way we talk about gender and the older generations that forged the way.

Jackie Memenza, Assistant Producer
Jackie Memenza has enjoyed filmmaking since high school in Maryland. Jackie has received her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland and went on to receive a graduate degree in film and media studies at the New School in New York, where she produced an array of webseries and short films. Jackie is excited to be working on a project that challenges our presumptions of gender identity.

Evan McLeese, Videographer
Evan has a B.A in Film & Video Studies from George Mason University where he graduated with honors. He is passionate about film and video production and has served as director, writer, producer, editor, and camera operator on a variety of short films. Born the son of a diplomat in Mexico City and has lived all over the world including Niger and Russia.

Candy Schoner, Consulting Producer
Prior to her nearly thirty year career in marketing and advertising, Candace began her career in broadcast journalism working for companies including Metromedia News, NBC, and Visnews International. Shortly afterwards, she spent several years honing her creative skills as a television producer working on programs for PBS as well as producing dozens of local and regional TV commercials. Candace is also a former magazine publisher and photojournalist. She is currently working on publishing her first children’s book.


I would like to thank the following colleagues, friends and family for their assistance and support with production, consulting, coaching and mentoring: Patrick Keese; Jim Adams; Julie MacMillin, James MacMillin; Christine Mayman; Deane Nettles; Kent Williamson; Beth Foster; and Flame Bilyue.